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Rainy Day Essentials Every Student Should Have

If you’ve packed the bags at least once, you know how difficult it is. You try to create a list of the most important things, browse the Internet in search of pre-written checklists, and think that you’ve taken everything you need. Unfortunately, when you get your destination, you realize that some essential things were left at home. That’s what happens with the students: they usually take a lot of clothes, completely disregarding the existence of rain.
Of course, there’s no such thing as bad weather, but no one wants to get the feet wet, catch a cold, and drop out of the educational process. If for some reason, it happened, your best solution is to give yourself a rest and ask professional writers to take care of your academic performance. Finding a reliable service isn’t as complicated as it seems: enter a simple word combination “write my paper for me cheap” in the search engine, look through the list of services, read the reviews and pick a suitable one.
But now our task is to explore the rainy day essentials every college student needs.

Rain jacket or raincoat

You cannot predict the weather, and even hydrometeorological centers are mistaken sometimes. Buying a rain jacket is a good way to be ready for any situation. Quite often, such clothes are warm enough, and a lot of winter coats are made of waterproof fabric. We advise you to pay attention to the clothes of world-famous brands, such as Columbia. They may cost higher than no-name clothes, but the quality of fabric and sewing justifies their price.

High-quality umbrella

Umbrellas tend to break at the worst possible time. And more often, people merely leave them at home. When you’re a student, you hardly think of buying an umbrella, and it’s your biggest mistake. Opt for small-size, convenient umbrellas with solid furniture and waterproof fabric. It’s better to invest in a windproof umbrella that will serve you for many years, than buying a new one each season.

Rain boots

If you buy only high-quality shoes and think that expensive price presupposes the protection from rain, you’re terribly wrong. It’s better to buy shoes that are specially designed for rainy weather. They may not look so attractive as your normal boots, but they’ll protect you and your feet from the water. Read the review to find out what brand and model are the best in the quality-to-price ratio. Finding customers’ reviews is the best way to find out the truth about any product or service. If you want to use academic writing service, such as Speedy Paper, and want to check its reputation, look through speedy paper reviews and make sure that it’s a reliable company.


There’s nothing better on a rainy day than a cup of tea or coffee. Buying these drinks every day is true wastefulness, especially for students. Why not purchase own thermos and make coffee at home? If you still prefer to buy coffee out, don’t use foam cups: ask the barista to make coffee in your thermos and care about the environment. By the way, many coffee shops offer discounts for people who have own coffee mugs.

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