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HYDROBEAD-T (Aerosol Can)

Hydrobead-T is an all purpose coating that can be sprayed onto almost anything to make the surface extremely water repellent. As shown in the picture on the left, water beads into almost a perfect sphere and rolls off the surface when slightly tilted. Because water makes very little contact with the surface, it will remain practically dry making it ideal for waterproofing the following:
  • Clothing (can be washed out and re-applied when needed)
  • Rain gear (jackets, ponchos, parkas)
  • Umbrellas, canopies, outdoor furniture
  • Tents, rain flys and tarps
  • Wood, fencing
  • Masonry
Hydrobead-T is also an anti-ice coating that can be used to prevent ice buildup and ice adhesion to surfaces. Applications include:
  • Satellite TV dishes
  • Sidewalks and driveways
  • Powerlines
The appearance of Hydrobead-T is translucent-white depending on the material being coated and how much is applied. Other colors are available, but please contact us for other colors. It is recommended to use as little as possible and re-apply only as needed to increase the water repellency. This coating is also sold in larger volumes (gallons, drums).

HYDROBEAD-P (two-part coating)

Hydrobead-P is a permanent coating that when cured is more durable than the Hydrobead-T coating. It is sold as a two-part coating that is mixed prior to use and goes on thicker. It is recommended for corrosion protection of metal substrates and should be used in conjunction with an epoxy primer coating to ensure good surface bonding.

Hydrobead-T is available in one quart, one gallon, five gallon, or 55-gallon drum containers. Typically, Hydrobead-P is sold in the color white, but other colors can be made to order. Please contact us if your application requires a specific color.
Please see the table in the Hydrobead product brochure for more info about each coating: Hydrobead Brochure

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