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Hydrobead: Super water repellent, superhydrophobic coatings

Hydrobead is a revolutionary new type of coating with extremely water repellent properties. The coating has been designed to mimic some of the surfaces found in nature, like the lotus flower leaf or other plants like the one seen in this video. Surfaces that have been coated with Hydrobead will cause water to bead into a small droplet and roll off the surface without getting the surface wet. The coating can be applied to any surface that requires extreme water repellency, such as rain gear (umbrellas, canopies, ponchos), outdoor equipment (tents, tarps), fencing, roofs, or other surfaces subject to water degradation or corrosion. The superhydrophobic coating, Hydrobead, is sold as a liquid that can be applied to surfaces by spray coating. The superhydrophobic spray is sold in an aerosol can or as a liquid by the quart, gallon, or larger quantities. The coatings ability to repel water is sure to amaze. Please find out more information below or try it out for yourself by buying a can through our website.

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